Open Operating Nights (OON) are returning to KB3HEV, the Sussex County EOC RACES Station, with a new schedule.  Starting in March the OON will be the first and third Tuesday evening of the month.  Other frequencies and modes on request.  Station direct dial phone is 302 – 858 – 5310.

The primary purpose of the OON is operation familiarization and evaluation of capabilities. Competence with the range of equipment, modes, bands, etc., that are in use today, can only be maintained through regular practice. Making sure anyone’s station equipment is operational can only be determined through regular use. Evaluation of your stations’s capabilities during a practice session can pay off when an emergency occurs.

KB3HEV Open Operating Night Schedule

1800 Station Opens
Monitors 144.915 simp. and a local repeater.
1830 Delaware Traffic Net (DTN) 3905.0 Khz.
1900 Session Scheduled Activity
2000 End of Scheduled Activity

Announcements of the monitored repeater and the activity for the session will be sent out in advance. Check ths website for details and last minute information.  Need more information, see “contact us”.