The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) was established in 1952 to provide Civil Defense agencies and local governments with a codified approach to adopting the resource of Amateur Radio for use during emergencies and disasters. The original document, CPG 1-15, later modified in 1992, is part of a series of Civil Preparedness Guides (CPG) produced by FEMA. This document provides guidance and direction for establishing a RACES Program by a government entity of competent jurisdiction.

The Emergency Operations Department of Sussex County adopted the RACES Program to provide the county authorities with direct control of the amateur radio resource during emergencies and disasters. The incorporation of a permanent amateur radio station in the new county EOC dictated the need for direct control of the amateur radio operators that would staff the facility.

The Sussex County EOC Station Support Team was created to provide technical support for the operation of amateur radio station KB3HEV, located at the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center, and to act as the club authorizing “the club station license” issued by the FCC. The team also functions as an advisory group on amateur radio topics for the county emergency management administration.

This group brings many years of amateur, commercial, government, and public safety radio experience to the support of the amateur station at the Emergency Operations Center. Amateur Radio Station KB3HEV is the license for the EOC RACES Operation. The chair of the committee is also the trustee of the station license.

Chair and Trustee:
John S. Ferguson, K3PFW
20116 Donovans Rd
Georgetown, DE 19947