Registration and Membership

Any amateur radio operator possessing a valid Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued amateur radio license may register with the Sussex County RACES program. Registration is the basic level of participation in any RACES program. This allows a registered amateur radio operator to participate in activations, exercises, and training activities of the Sussex County RACES program. There are no other requirements. Dual registration with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is recommended by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the parent organization of ARES.

Registration Application (PDF)


RACES Operator
A designated RACES Operator as a member of the Sussex County RACES Program must meet minimum standards of training, participation, and acceptability to be issued a county produced ID card. An amateur radio operator meeting county acceptability requirements may be granted RACES Operator status for a probationary period of one year, allowing that individual the time and opportunity to meet the minimum certification requirements.

RACES EOC Operator
A designated RACES EOC Operator must meet specific standards of training, experience, participation, and acceptability, and will be issued an EOC ID card, granting that individual access to the Emergency Operations Center.

RACES Radio Officer
The designated County RACES Radio Officer, is appointed by the County EOD to direct the RACES Program. The appointed individual will be an amateur radio operator with relevant experience and training in emergency and disaster communications. A minimum license class of General is required. Assistant Radio Officers (ARO) will be appointed by the RO, as necessary to support the needs of the program, with the approval of the County EOD. The RO and ARO’s are directly responsible to, and report to, the EOD or his designee.

An annual review of each individual member’s training and participation will be used to maintain an active, proficient, and current membership. Modification of member status is possible for those individuals below minimum standards. It is understood that without regular exercise of communications skills and application of knowledge required of RACES Operators, that proficiency cannot be maintained.