Not yet a Ham and interested in getting your amateur license? Or are you newly licensed and looking for some coaching in how and what to do to get on the air?  Or, maybe you’re trying to figure out this new “digital” stuff.

In the early days of Ham Radio, before Question Pools and Practice Tests on line, Hams helping prospective Hams get ready for the license exam was the normal way of getting your license.

Very often you worked with a friend who was studying for a license also, if nothing else it was someone to practice Morse Code with; which, by the way, is no longer required. A “Mentor” helped unravel the mysteries in the ARRL License Manual, or the AMECO, which were about the only study guides available. Once you got your “ticket” your mentor was there to coach you getting on the air and making your first contacts.

Well, Mentoring is back and with access to all the current resources it is easier than ever to study for your license exam. Members of the Sussex County RACES Group are available to help you become a Ham, and get on the air making your first contacts. The Open Operating Nights (OON) are a place to start. Check out the website for details and time, then drop by and say “hi”. Other times can be arranged to work with you at the EOC station. get in touch with us and we will help you.  Mentors can also help those of us that have been around a while, also, learning how to operate in some of the newer modes.

Many of the “old-timers” that got their license thirty or more years ago, remember fondly those that helped them along the way.