December Update

Despite the current situation and Pandemic issues, the Sussex County AUXCOMM Group is still viable, although we’ve gone from over 2500 volunteer service hours in 2019 to less than 100 in 2020. The Management Team had developed several protocols to… (READ MORE)

New Antenna and Coax on Remote V/UHF

Contractors from Stellar Towers recently replaced the antenna and coax for the V/UHF remote station at the County Records Center. The antenna is a Diamond X-200A at approximately 135 ft. fed with i/2 ” hardline. The failure of the previous… (READ MORE)

Management Team now has limited EOC access.

The closures and cancellations of March seem a long time ago, but change is in the wind. Management team members will now be granted access to the RACES Room through a limited access arrangement. Full details are being worked on.