The Neighborhood Ham

Introducing a new program being developed by the Sussex County AUXCOMM Group to utilize the resource of Hams in neighborhoods and provide a link from communities across the county to the EOC in times of disaster.  Originally introduced as the “Ham In The Community”, it is now “The Neighborhood Ham”.

The program focus is working with local hams in neighborhoods and communities to develop relationships with their “neighbors”, and with the AUXCOMM Group at the EOC, to facilitate the exchange of information during emergencies and disasters of a countywide nature. 

Program materials, training, guidance, and support will be provided by the Sussex County AUXCOMM Group, and others.  As the “local Ham in the neighborhood”, you would reach out to the neighbors around you.  You could share Emergency Preparedness material provided by the county.  You could discuss the possibilities of intra- community communication.  You could direct requests for preparedness programs to resource people at the Sussex EOC.  In general, you would be a contact, a resource, and an asset to your community.

For more information, email and request more information.