May “Pop Up Portable” Exercise
May 26 1500 – 2000 local
May is the month when flowers start to “pop-up”. We’re going to have some stations “pop-up”.

Scenario: This is an open, all band, all mode, exercise, testing your capability to set up a portable station that is able to contact other stations. To participate you will pick a location, set up a portable station, capable of operating well enough to contact other stations in the exercise. It can be anywhere from your back yard to where ever. If you don’t opt for portable, you would operate from your home station, trying to contact the other portables and other home stations.

Coordination: Since this is a ‘free form’ exercise, with no constraints on frequency or mode, there will have to be a degree of coordination. All stations participating must list, noon, May 24 the event, where they will be set up, and what frequencies and modes they will attempt to work, and their cell phone number. Email to [email protected]. The exercise coordinators will compile the list of participating stations, their operational frequencies and modes, cell phone numbers and distribute to all participants.

Operation: Then during the announced exercise time frame, each station will try to contact as many of the other participating stations as possible on as many frequencies and modes as possible, within your class of license privileges. Repeater contacts are allowed.
Pre-event Planning: To plan for your operation, you will start by making a list of what you need to setup and operate your station. Then try to set up that station and operate, maybe on a table in your back yard (you did put a table on the list, didn’t you?) If your first attempt works, great. If you are missing something, add it to the list and try again. Repeat until you are successful. Those of you more experienced at portable operation might use this as an opportunity to improve on what you are doing. Home stations are not required to do a “Station Setup List”.

Submission: Within five days of the end of the exercise, submit your station setup list, your log, and an After Action Report. Email to WS3EOC@Gmail,com.