“March Madness” Exercise

Coming Saturday March 19, 2022 0800 – 1200

The Sussex County AUXCOMM Group is sponsoring a “come one, come all” multiple objective communication exercise with something for just about everybody. There is an opportunity to participate as a portable, mobile or home station. The exercise is built around the process of Mobilizing and De-Mobilizing for an activation.
Portable Stations, either an individual or a team of two, would use a “Go Kit” to set up a working station on VHF or UHF in some appropriate location.
Mobile stations will be directed to areas in Sussex and Kent Counties to assist with verifying the coverage of the new UHF repeater in Sussex, 443.200 (+5 MHz 156.7).
Home stations will work with the Sussex EOC station as well as the portable stations and mobile stations. Where possible they will try to establish simplex contact with other home stations and mobiles.. If monitoring the repeater indicates a station within range, contact Net Control to ask to contact that station and set up a simplex contact attempt..
There will need to be specific assignments made for this exercise to work. In order to efficiently facilitate this, you must indicate your interest in participating by sending an email to [email protected] and what kind of station you want to participate as. An appropriate assignment and further instructions will be sent to you.