Are You Thinking?

One of the reasons we do public service events is to train for the time when Amateur Radio is called on to provide critical communication when our communities are faced with disaster. Public service events are literally exercises simulating assignment in a disaster. The assignments are outside, in the weather, they are somewhat removed from sources of support, and you will be out there a while. Think about how you will prepare for your deployment.


  • Since you will be outside, are you prepared for what ‘Mother Nature’ might bestow?
  • Have you checked a weather report?
  • Do you have appropriate gear?

Creature Comforts-

  • Food and hydrating drinks
  • Prescription meds
  • “Personal items”? If you don’t have it with you, you won’t have it.
  • Folding chair?
  • Shelter?
  • Restroom? Call Net Control if you need to leave your position. Call Net Control when you return.


  • What will you need to do your job as a communicator?
  • Have you checked your radio?
  • What about an extra battery for the HT?
  • Do you have all the accessories, like the antenna and the speaker mic?
  • Something to write with, and write on?

Operations issues-

  • Operationally are you ready?
  • Do you know where your position is?
  • Do you know what frequencies are being used?

Upcoming events might just be a really good reason to think about a “Go Kit” and what might be in it.

The above are just a few questions to get you thinking about upcoming events (planned and unplanned). Oh, by the way, enjoy yourself and have fun while doing something for your community.

Later, 73

John S. Ferguson-K3PFW

Sussex County RACES Radio Officer