Field Day 2023 is rapidly approaching this coming weekend June 24th and 25th!  The full operating period is from 2pm (local) on Saturday to 2pm (local) on Sunday.  Hopefully, you have plans to participate in at least part of this important annual event either from out in the field somewhere or from your home QTH.

This year, Sussex County AUXCOMM is hosting a joint Field Day with the Sussex Amateur Radio Association (SARA) and will be conducting this activity at the Emergency Operations Center with both outdoor and indoor on-the-air activities (FM and HF) on Saturday, June 24th, from noon to 6pm.  The location is on the newly opened airport side of the EOC at 21911 Rudder Lane in Georgetown directly across from Arena’s at the Airport.  Plenty of free parking available in the EOC lot, and this event will be held “rain or shine”.  

All licensed amateurs are invited and encouraged to attend, and this event will be open to the public so that they might learn more about Amateur Radio.  We had the opportunity to discuss Field Day 2023 live on WGMD this past Saturday morning.  A recording of the broadcast is available via the following link:

We hope that AUXCOMM and SARA members would make the effort to come out and support this event even if it’s just to drop in either in person or over the air.  The EOC will be monitoring 144.915 simplex (which can serve as Field Day contact for Technician licensees), the 147.090+ (156.7) SARA repeater, and the 443.200+ (156.7) Mt Joy repeater.

For more information, feel free to contact:

Bill Saunders, N3ID, Sussex County AUXCOMM, [email protected]

Butch Wlaschin, WA0CIE, Sussex Amateur Radio Association, [email protected]