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Virtual Meetings to Start

Finally a degree of normalcy returns with virtual meetings being held at the normal day and time as before Covid. This Thursday, the 4th, the Management Team will convene via ZOOM. Next Thursday, the 11th, the regular membership meeting will… (READ MORE)

Communications Exercise 30 – 31 January 2021

In concert with Winter Field Day on the weekend of January 30 – 31, there will be a Statewide Communications Exercise, and the first Mini Exercise of the year sponsored by Sussex AUCOMM. Saturday 30 Jan 10:30-11:00:Statewide check-in to Net… (READ MORE)

December Update

Despite the current situation and Pandemic issues, the Sussex County AUXCOMM Group is still viable, although we’ve gone from over 2500 volunteer service hours in 2019 to less than 100 in 2020. The Management Team had developed several protocols to… (READ MORE)