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New Call Sign at EOC

WS3EOC is the new call sign at the Sussex County EOC station. The KB3HEV that we opened with is no longer valid. There is a new email address associated with the call sign, The new call sign has been… (READ MORE)

OON for March 7

Again we will investigate the possibilities of the 60 Meter band for regional HF coverage. ┬áStarting after the DTN, we will be active on 5330.5 USB. For more information, or to coordinate testing, call the station at 302-858-5310. ┬áThe exercise… (READ MORE)


It’s been nine long years, yet it seems like only a short time ago we were supporting the “cut-over” to the new 911 Dispatch Center from the RACES Room, and only a year before that, in order to meet evolving… (READ MORE)