Last Open Operating Night for October

All:The last Open Operating night for October is Tuesday the 15th. The station should be open shortly after 1800. We  monitor Sussex County Primary Simplex 144.915  and  the 147.090 repeater for directions and access.  You can also call the station at 302-858-5310.  Typically we  try to get on the DTN at 1830 and the Coastal Carolina Emergency Net at 1900.

Open Operating Nights give you an opportunity to become familiar with the radios and computers in the RACES Room, and also the opportunity to learn new skills.

The evening’s special project is continuing to compare the characteristics of the new magnetic loop antenna to the other HF antennas (2) available at eh station.  The rotor control is now operational and we will be able to test it’s directional characteristics.  It’s ability to bring a signal up out of the noise is nothing but amazing.  Ya gotta hear it to believe it!