Balloon Festival Event and Exercise

We’re going to take the opportunity presented by the Balloon Festival operation to also get in some training on support systems in the MCU and RACES Station that operators might not be familiar with. Some of the simple stuff, like, “how do I make a call on the network phone?”. With 2 lines, voicemail and dialing codes, it can get confusing. Oh yeah, by the way, there are patch panels for antennas in both the MCU and the RACES Station. It might be extremely helpful to figure out how and if the radio you want to use is connected to the appropriate antenna. It gets a little more complicated when you realize, that some of the radios have “Ant 1” and “Ant 2”, so what’s that all about. Oh and let’s not forget the humble, and not quite so intuitive FAX machines, for those occasions when “over the air” isn’t acceptable for the traffic you have. Sound like fun? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get some more information to you, and get you on the roster for the event.