Your participation and contribution of volunteer hours is important in two ways. One, it makes you a better operator, and two, the recording and reporting of that time contributed helps support the Sussex County RACES Program. It is to your benefit and the benefit of the program that you get credit for the volunteer hours you contribute. The accounting and reporting of volunteer hours is important in presenting the value of the RACES program to the County Administration.

Volunteer Time Reporting Guidelines
All Registered RACES personnel are eligible for to be included in the accounting of volunteer time contributed to the RACES program in support of the Mission.

The items below are the guidelines for time reporting.

  1. All time in direct support of an EOC activation.
  2. All time in direct support of a public service event.
  3. Attendance at a regular monthly meeting.
  4. Participation in work parties, exercises, drills, etc. in support of the EOC or RACES.
  5. Training activities related to emergency /disaster preparation and communication.
  6. Time on the air in a RACES sponsored activity.
  7. Time on the air in a formal net as an NCS / Alt. NCS, or actively handling traffic.
  8. Time spent installing, maintaining and repairing your personal station equipment.
  9. The hours you spend in taking online or classroom courses related to amateur radio and disaster communications.
  10. Time spent in administrative activities, record keeping, preparing presentations for RACES meetings and training sessions.
  11. Travel time from your residence to and from the activity is reportable in most cases. When in doubt, refer to the Internal Revenue Service guidelines on volunteer mileage. If it is an allowable deduction for your situation, the time counts.

An accurate accounting of the time you contribute to the RACES program is going to require some effort by you and by the RACES management. For directed activities, activations, etc., your time for the event is logged. The sign in sheet for a meeting reports your time. However, travel time, station maintenance, and continuing education are your responsibility to track and report. A Monthly Time Report form is available for your use in tracking and reporting your time.

See the Appendix of this document for a time reporting form.


March 10, 2016