Registration is a fundamental requirement of any RACES program.  Registration is simply that, listing your personal information and qualifications with the RACES program for the jurisdiction you wish to participate in. It is not a membership in the organization, and places no requirements on the registered person. The registration data base provides the county emergency management a listing of the known available amateur radio resource.

Any amateur radio operator possessing a valid Federal Communication Commission (FCC) issued amateur radio license, or a non-licensed individual with specific skills and an interest in working with the Sussex County RACES Group, may Register with the Sussex County RACES program. Registration provides for certain benefits and coverage of the individual in activations, exercises and training activities of the Sussex County RACES program.  There are no other requirements or commitments.

A REGISTERED Participant can be deployed as needed in public service events and disaster communication incidents with appropriate supervision.

During an Event or Incident Activation, all participants in the communication support effort must be registered with the Sussex County RACES Group.