RACES Radio Officer ((RO)

The designated County RACES Radio Officer (RO) is appointed by the EOD to direct the RACES program.  The appointed individual will be an amateur operator with experience and training in emergency and disaster communications.  A minimum license class of General is required. His or her resume should have both formal training and experience in emergency and disaster communications. The individual should understand the ICS, have demonstrated technical knowledge and demonstrated volunteer management skills.  The RO reports to the EOD or his/her designee.


RACES Assistant Radio Officer (ARO)


Assistant Radio Officers (ARO’s) are appointed by the RO, as necessary to support the needs of the program, with the approval of the EOD.   Similar qualifications as those for the Radio Officer should be required for appointment, as an Assistant Radio Officer may be required to function as the Radio Officer in his or her absence with all rights and privileges. The ARO’s are directly responsible to the RO.  The individual ARO’s may be assigned specific responsibilities.  An individual may be appointed as an ARO to serve a designated function, with rights and privileges assigned on a case by case basis. Deputy ACL’s in the AUXCOMM program are considered ARO’s

RACES Public Information Officer (PIO) and Deputy PIO’s

An individual appointed by the County RACES Radio Officer with the approval of the EOD, to manage the public relations, publicity and news media interface of the AUXCOMM and RACES Programs.  The individual appointed should have media and or public relations experience.