Auxiliary Communications Leader

The designated ACL is appointed by the EOD to direct the combined AUXCOMM and RACES program.  The appointed individual will be an amateur operator with experience and training in emergency and disaster communications.  A minimum license class of General is required. His or her resume should have both formal training and experience in emergency and disaster communications. The individual should understand the ICS, have demonstrated technical knowledge and demonstrated volunteer management skills.  The ACL reports to the county EOD, or his/her designee.

 Deputy Auxiliary Communication Leader

 A Management Level operator appointed by the ACL, as necessary to support the needs of the program, with the approval of the county EOD.   Similar qualifications as those for the ACL should be required for appointment, as a Deputy ACL (DACL) as they may be required to function as the ACL in his or her absence with all rights and privileges. The DACL’s are directly responsible to the ACL.  The individual DACL’s may be assigned specific responsibilities.  An individual may be appointed as a DACL to serve a designated function, with rights and privileges assigned on a case by case basis. Appointment and promotion is processed in accordance with administrative guidelines. The appointed individual(s), on approval by the EOD, will be issued a county produced EOC access ID.

Public Information Officer (PIO) and Deputy PIO’s

An individual appointed by the ACL with the approval of the EOD, to manage the public relations, publicity and news media interface of the AUXCOMM and RACES Programs.  The individual appointed should have media and or public relations experience.  The appointed individual(s), on approval by the EOD, will be issued a county produced EOC access ID.

Safety Officer (SO)

An individual appointed by the ACL to advise and assist the management team with safety issues in events and incidents that could affect the well-being of the AUXCOMM and RACES personnel responding. The individual should have demonstrated knowledge in the Safety Management field.  During AUXCOMM mobilizations he/she can function the same as a Safety Officer in the ICS structure for the AUXCOMM group. The appointed individual, on approval by the EOD, will be issued a county produced EOC access ID.

Operations Section Leader

A Management Level Operator appointed by the ACL In cooperation with the ACL, plan and direct the Activation Operations of the group, directing the response to meet the changing priorities   To work with the Training Section Leader in developing meaningful exercises for training purposes.

 Administrative Section Leader

 An individual with strong office management skills, and strong computer skills..  This person may or may not be a licensed operator, but must have the motivation, commitment, and attitude to work at the team management level.

 Training Section Leader

 A Management Level Operator, preferably with field experience, appointed by the ACL, to direct the training activities of the group working in cooperation with the ACL and the Operations Section Leader.  Must have strong computer skills and capable of developing Power Point and similar presentations.

 Logistics Section Leader

 A Management Level Operator responsible for managing the technical portion of operational preparedness.  Maintaining an accurate inventory, identifying equipment deficiencies, and arranging for their repair.  Works with the ACL and Operations Section Leader to plan for equipment acquisitions.

Administrative Officer (AO)

An individual appointed by the ACL to the Management Team as a non-voting member to advise on matters relating to administration and serve as the de facto Parliamentarian. This individual may or may not be a licensed radio amateur.  The individual appointed should have strong office management skills, be computer literate, and have experience in working with government agencies.  The appointed individual, on approval by the EOD, will be issued a county produced EOC access ID.


The AUXCOMM Management Team is chaired by the Auxiliary Communication Leader (ACL), and includes all Deputy ACL’s, the Public Information Officer (PIO), all Deputy PIO’s and the Safety Officer (SO).  The Management Team, as the title implies, is responsible, as a team, for the direction and success of the AUXCOMM program.  Individual members of the team may have specific responsibilities delegated to them by the ACL.

The concept of team management is based on the simple phrase, “no one of us is as smart as all of us”.  Given the wealth of diverse knowledge among members of the amateur radio community at large, and then selecting and appointing those individuals with exemplary knowledge and skill to the team, gives the Sussex County AUXCOMM Group an outstanding management advantage.  This leadership provides for the ability of the group to respond to those rapidly changing situations normally encountered in disaster response and recovery scenarios.