Open Operating Night (OON)

The next Open Operating Night is this Tuesday evening at 6:30 starting with the Delaware Traffic Net (DTN).  The exercise for the evening will be simultaneous operation of the three positions on HF, obviously on different bands.  Since we can work 80 through 10, with a little bit of 6 meters thrown in, you can try us from your home station or come to the EOC and give it a try.

Want to arrange a schedule, email [email protected] and let us know what you’re looking for.  Call the station on the landline 302-858-5310 or a local repeater to talk to the operators to figure out why they can’t hear you.
Oh, by the way, the call sign of the station has changed, it’s no longer KB3HEV, the FCC has granted the vanity call sign WS3EOC.  (email hasn’t changed yet).