“Winter in July” July 24, 2021

The Sussex AUXCOMM Group is sponsoring a simplex exercise covering, we hope, both Kent and Sussex Counties. Saturday, July 24, 0800 to 1100 hrs. local. All hams, regardless of their affiliation with one group or another are welcome to participate. This exercise will have some of the same elements as did the May 22nd exercise, except for “Billy Bob”, he’s in Alaska for the next couple of months.. Below is the preliminary info on the exercise. There’s something for just about anybody. To get on the roster and receive updates for the exercise send an email to [email protected] requesting to be added to the roster for the event. Please give your name, callsign, location, and what kind of station (see below) that you will be participating as.

A rare winter storm has hit the mid Delmarva with heavy snow, and gale force winds causing widespread power outages, Internet. Cable TV, other communication system loss, and impassable roads. The tree leaves catching much of the wet falling snow has caused more limbs and trees to come down than might be expected. Local repeaters have failed for a variety of reasons.
This exercise using VHF/UHF Simplex is open to all amateurs, regardless of organization affiliation. Stations participating in this exercise can be Mobile, Home, Emergency Power, Portable, or EOC. The basis for the exercise is to determine the useable extent of simplex VHF/UHF coverage in Kent and Sussex Counties, and to practice in simplex operation
Mobile Station: As the name implies, is a station capable of operating while in motion.
Home Station: as the name implies, a fixed station at the operator’s residence operating off the allegedly non-existent commercial power.
Emergency Power: A Home Station operating on other than commercial power, i.e. solar, battery, generator, or lawn tractor, etc. Creative operators can use this exercise to develop experience with their specific system.
Portable Station: A temporary station, not on commercial power, set up for the purpose of participating in the exercise from a location other than the operator’s residence.
EOC Station: As the name implies, an established station at a county EOC.

Exercise Activities:
1. Hourly exercise weather reports will be issued for the first two hours of the exercise.
2. Operators will generate snow accumulation, utility loss, and road closure reports, directly to, or relayed to the appropriate county EOC, using the exercise weather reports for guidance.
3. EOC Stations will operate as the net control station for their respective county, or delegate the duty to a station.
4. EOC stations may direct some mobiles to specific locations for spot reports on conditions at that location. If not so directed mobile stations may operate as they choose.
5. EOC stations will compile the reports received, and issue exercise bulletins as needed.