What’s Been Happening?

In a word, “Lots!” There have been major administrative changes and a record year for activity in support of the EOC with 1600 plus hours of service and 14 activations.

Although there has been no activity on this site in about nine months, a lot has been going on behind the scene, so to speak, as the volunteer Auxiliary Communication Support (ACS) group for the Sussex County Department of Emergency Operations has migrated from the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) model to the AUXCOMM model, the DHS / FEMA acronym and directives for Auxiliary Communication.

The project to adopt AUXCOMM started in the fall of 2016, and the AUXCOMM model was formally adopted in January, this year. It’s been a scramble ever since. I didn’t believe the change was going to involve the amount of detail and decisions that were required. However we’re up and running, and on the way to breaking a 2000 hour volunteer service year. The group has already worked 506 hours in the first quarter, and our busy season is yet to come.

Later, 73

John S. Ferguson K3PFW

Auxiliary Communications Leader