Website Changes and Updates Underway

The Sussex AUXCOMM Group used the Pandemic as an “excuse” to review, change and update material on the website. Those changes are now well underway, so as you come back from week to week, look through the material and see what’s changed.

Look for new items on the “Tabs” to the left for starters, they should be posted this week. An old program will have a new name. The Operations Manual is getting updated and sections added (not done yet).

What will all this add up to? Good question. The management Team is hoping for a smoother operation, for one. Maybe some confusing things will have been simplified. It’s all part of the growth and change of a program.

Many of the changes have been brought about by requirements of the AUXCOMM program. It is a FEMA program, and requirements get changed. Other things are emphasized as FEMA’s priorities change. Then there are one or two that have come from “lessons learned” in other states.

Got questions? Try [email protected].