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New Antenna and Coax on Remote V/UHF

Contractors from Stellar Towers recently replaced the antenna and coax for the V/UHF remote station at the County Records Center. The antenna is a Diamond X-200A at approximately 135 ft. fed with i/2 ” hardline. The failure of the previous… (READ MORE)

Management Team now has limited EOC access.

The closures and cancellations of March seem a long time ago, but change is in the wind. Management team members will now be granted access to the RACES Room through a limited access arrangement. Full details are being worked on.


The RACES Room at the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center in Georgetown, Delaware is closed until further notice.  The following AUXCOMM / RACES activities are CANCELLED: Open Operating Night — March 17 Management Team Meeting — April 2 Open Operating Night… (READ MORE)