Library – Q



QARMay I stop listening on the watch frequency for ______ minutes?Yes, you may stop listening.
QAVAre you able to home on your DF equipment?I am homing my DF equipment on ______ station.
QBMHas ______ sent a message for me?Here is the message sent by ______ at ______ hours.
QDBHave you sent message (#) to ______ ?I have sent message (#) to ______ .
QIFWhat frequency is ______ using?______ is using ______ KHz / MHz.
QRGWill you tell me my exact frequency?Your exact frequency is ______ .
QRLAre you busy?I am busy. Please do not interfere.
QRMIs my transmission being interfered with?Your transmission is being interfered.
QRNAre you troubled by static?I am troubled by static.
QROShall I increase power?Increase power.
QRPShall I decrease power?Decrease power.
QRQShall I send faster?Send faster.
QRSShall I send more slowly?Send more slowly.
QRTShall I stop sending?Stop sending.
QRUHave you anything for me? have nothing for you.
QRVAre you ready?I am ready.
QRXWhen will you call me again?I will call you again at ______ hours.
QRZWho is calling me?You are being called by ______ .
QSBAre my signals fading?Your signals are fading.
QSKCan you hear me between your signals, and if so, can I break in on your transmission?I can hear you between signals. You may break in on my transmission.
QSLCan you acknowledge receipt (of message or transmission)? am acknowledging receipt.
QSNDid you hear me on (frequency)?I did hear you on (frequency).
QSOCan you communicate with (call sign) direct or by relay?I can communicate with (call sign) direct or relay through (call sign).
QSPWill you relay to (call sign)?I will relay to (call sign).
QSTGeneral call preceding a message addressed to all amateurs and ARRL members. This is in effect "CQ ARRL".
QSXWill you listen to (call sign) on (frequency)?I am listening to (call sign) on (frequency).
QSYShall I change to transmission on another frequency?Change to transmission on another frequency.
QTBDo you agree with my counting of words?I do not agree with your counting of words. I will repeat the first letter or digit of each word or group.
QTCHow many messages have you to send?I have (#) messages for you.
QTHWhat is your location?My location is ______ .
QTRWhat is the correct time?The time is ______ .